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SEC Dismisses Proceeding Against Gupta

Aug 2011 05

Wisconsin Order Will Result in Streamlined Markman Hearings

Jul 2011 30

TransCanada Pipeline Explodes in Northeast Wyoming

Jul 2011 23

Exxon Mobile Pipeline Rupture Dumps Crude Into Yellowstone River

Jul 2011 07

FX Energy Does Little to Clean Up Pipeline Leak

Jul 2011 05

Pipeline Explosion in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Mar 2011 01

Traffic Safety Administration Urged to Require Speed Limiting Technology on Commercial Vehicles

Jan 2011 04

Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion in Wayne, MI, Kills Two

Jan 2011 01

Schuster Addresses International Pipeline Conference

Oct 2010 03

On September 29, 2010, Bob Schuster was the sole plaintiff’s attorney to address the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

San Bruno Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion

Sep 2010 15